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We provide premium services!

Blacklink has unbeatable quality of customer services, nothing you can find anywhere else.

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    service 1

    Friendly drivers with 10 years of experience.

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    service 2

    Bookings available 24/7 regardless of days!

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    service 3

    Detailed booking info will be sent via e-mail and also text message.

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    service 4

    Reasonable pricing depending on the distance and the number of persons.

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    service 5

    Thorough maintenance of the vans for extra cleanliness.

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    service 6

    The only place to rent up to 2 child seats free of charge for a more safe travel with your kids!

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How it works

Here is how to take advantage of Blacklink services!

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    step 1

    We will finalize your booking once you submit your itinerary.

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    step 2

    Your driver will be assigned 2 days prior to the service.

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    step 3

    We will also let you know your driver information via e-mail and text message 2 days before you ride.

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    step 4

    Your driver will be there for you on the day of your service.

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    step 5

    Make yourself at home on your way to the destination!

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    step 6

    Honest reviews are highly appreciated!

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인천공항 제1여객터미널 →
서울시, 인천시, 경기도
(일부지역 제외)

*제2여객터미널 예약 불가

※ 셔틀 이용 제외지역

인천시 : 강화도, 영흥도, 선재도

경기도 : 김포시 통진읍, 파주시 문산읍, 용인시 처인구, 동두천시, 포천시, 이천시, 평택시, 안성시, 여주시, 연천군, 양평군, 가평군, 대부도, 선감도