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How to ride subway in Seoul, South Korea

  • 2017.10.17
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Riding subway in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul South Korea subway metro

Riding subway in Seoul is very easy, fast and convenient. Don't be afraid to ride subway in Korea. The subway system provides not only Korean but also English, Chinese and Japanese language services. Let's see how to ride subway in Seoul, Korea.

FIRST, Purchase Your T-Money Card

You can buy the card from any convenience stores (GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, Ministop, With Me, Buy The Way, Story Way, etc.) with T-Money logo or the machines at the subway station. The card is rechargeable anytime at the T-money Card machines and any sales locations. I recommend you to buy it from the convenience store because sometimes the machines only do recharging card. The T-money card itself costs from 2,500 won.

seoul south korea subway metro t-money

You have kids?

For children and teenagers, you are required to register your card with your date of birth in order to receive the discounted fare (ID check required).

Children age of 6 and younger: Free

Children: from 7-12 years old

Teenagers: from 13-18 years old

This information may subject to change over time. Check on the T-money website.

seoul south korea subway metro The machines to recharge T-money Card


1.Select your language

2.Place your T-money Card on the reloading section

3.Choose the amount of money you want to recharge on the card.

4.Put your money in the machine. only cash and coins are accepted.

5.Wait for the card to be ready then you can remove the card from the machine.

SECOND, Tap Your T-money Card to Enter

seoul south korea subway metro

Tap your T-money card to enter the subway. There is a place where it states "Place Your Card Here" (카드 대는곳). The top number on the reader shows the cost of the fare and the bottom shows how much money is left on your card.

THIRD, Find Your Way In The Subway

seoul south korea subway metro

Don't be afraid if you have never been on the subway before. It is really simple to find which way you need to go on the subway. There are signs that tell you where the exits are, where the transfer points are and which direction each train is coming from and heading in, and the current, previous and following stop names.

seoul south korea subway metro

seoul south korea subway map

The line maps on every platform will help you find the direction you have to go.


you don't have to exit from the station to transfer to another line. Just get off from the subway car, walk to the platform of another line.

*Fast transfer:

You will notice that each screen door is numbered. This is a key for a fast transfer. Most map apps and search engines will tell you which entrance/exit will lead to fastest transfer.

FOURTH, Tap Your T-money Card Again to Exit

seoul south korea subway metro howto

Why tap again?

First, subway system charges by distance traveled.

Second, you are able to transfer to bus at no charge or at a lower extra fare.

This can only be effective within 30 minutes between your transfer.

FIFTH, Find Your Way Out Of the Subway Station

Each subway station has multiple exits that point in many directions. Knowing the exit could shorten your time and less walking. The maps located in the station will help you find where to go in the local area.

Since there are many exits, when meeting people, it is efficient to ask the person which exit he or she will be coming out from. That way it will shorten your time and you won't get lost in the middle of a busy street.

seoul south korea subway metro gangnam

Other Tips when using Subway in Seoul, Korea

  • Download a subway map application onto your smartphone.

-Subway Korea or Jihachul (지하철) are convenient.

  • Each station opens different side of the exit. The map above the train door shows which doors open at which station.

-White dots: doors on the right open, Yellow dots: doors on the left open

  • Line 1, line 9, Jungang and Gyeongchun offer EXPRESS service that skips come stations. Don't panic when you find yourself on an express train. Just get off at the next station and wait for the next train.

-you can also check on the screen if the next train will be an express train or a regular train.

  • You might see some colored sittings on the end or middle of the train.

-Red or yellow sittings are for elderly

-Pink is for pregnant ladies.

-You may sit on there, but it would be nice to give a seat to people who really need it.

  • All the trains are air-conditioned however, there are weak air-conditioned cars, 4 and 7.

-Avoid getting onto these weak air-conditioned cars if you've been looking forward to cool-off during your ride.

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