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Places to visit in Jeju Island in South Korea Part 2. Mountains

  • 2017.10.17
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Places to visit in JEJU ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA

Jeju island has always been Korea's most popular vacation and honeymoon spot. Jeju island has many beautiful and speechless travel spots that you can only witness in Jeju island. There are so many places to visit in Jeju island. I'd like to share some places you can visit while you are in Jeju island.

I know you some of you are questioning how to get to Jeju island from Seoul or Incheon. You can transfer to Gimpo airpot (GMP) from Incheon airport (ICN) to catch your domestic flight to Jeju island.

1. Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak)

Jeju island mountain hiking seongsanilchulbong

jeju island mountain hiking seongsan ilchulbong

The first place to visit in Jeju is Seongsan Ilchulbong or Seongsan Sunrise Peak. It is a peak which is 180 m above sea level and was created by hydro-volcanic eruption about 5,000 years ago. 

Its beautiful landscape and geological value was recognized by UNESCO in 2007.

Address : 284-12, ilchul-ro, seongsan-eup, seogwipo-si, jeju-do

Opening Hours : 9:00 - 18:00 (Bad weather may not allow to enter)

Admission Fees : 2,000 won, Teens and Children: 1,000 won

* Adults (age of 25-64), Teens (age of 13-24), children (age of 7-12)

2. Hallasan Mountain

The second place to visit in Jeju Island is Hallasan Mountain. The tallest mountain with heights of 1950 m above sea level. The mountain is covered with colorful flowers during fall, while snow-covered in winter. It was designated as a National Park in 1970 and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2007. 

All four seasons are the best time to visit Jeju to see a wonderful view of Hallasan Mountain. Flowers are covered during spring, greens during the summer, colorful leaves during fall, and snow covered during winter time.

jeju island mountain hiking hallasan

Beautiful view of Hallasan Mountain during the fall.

Hiking Courses 

Hike 1: Eorimok to Witae Oreum Shelter

4.7 km, 2.5 hours round-trip

Hike 2: Yongshil to whitae Oreum Shelter

3.7 km, 2 hours round-trip

Hike 3: Seongpanak to Baeknokdam/summit

9.6 km, 4.5 hours one-way

Hike 4: Gwaneumsa to Baeknokdam summit

8.7 km. 5 hours one-way

Hike 5: Donnaeko to Nambyeok intersection

7 km, 3 hours 30 min one-way

Hike 6: Eoseungsaengak to Eaoseungsaengak Summit

1.3 km, 30 min one-way

Hike 7: Seokguram Cave

1.5 km, 50 min one-way

jeju island mountain hiking hallasan

The Baeknokdam Summit

Address : San 16, Sagye-ri, Andeok-Myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Opening Hours : May vary depends on the season, so please visit the website before departing. 

Admission is FREE

Available Facilities : Campsites (Fee charges), hiking trails, mountain shelters, visitor center, restrooms.

3. Sanbangsan Mountain

The third place to visit in Jeju Island is Sanbangsan Mountain. It is a volcanic lava mountain formed about 800,000 years ago. This mountain contains a cave that is located about 105 m above sea level and has an amazing view out over the ocean. Due to its tall height, the mountain often has clouds swirling around its summit.

jeju island mountain hiking sanbangsan

jeju island mountain hiking sanbangsan

The mountain is connected to the sedimentary layer of Yongmeori Beach and its bell shape allowing it to be seen anywhere. 

Bomunsa, the Buddhist temple, is located right below the Sanbangsan Mountain. You can see Bomunsa's famous massive golden Buddha seated at the back of the temple complex. There's also Sanbanggulsa, a large opening gap/cave in the side of the mountain.

jeju island mountain hiking sanbangsan

Address : San 16, Sagye-ri, Andeok- Myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Operating hours : Winter season: 8:00-17:00, Summer season: 8:00-18:00

*Subject to change depending on unforeseen weather conditions

Admission Fees : Adults: 1,000 won, youth and children: 500 won

I have discussed some places to visit in Jeju Island and of course there are many other places to visit in Jeju island. Stay tuned for more information about Jeju island!

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